• I was born in Rome, 1984, in a suburban district with a very evocative name: Cinecittà. I was still very young when my interest for photography started, but it was a university course on history and technics of photography that pushed me to delve into its technical and cultural aspects. I soon realised that I was more interested in photographing persons, in a attempt to narrate their history through shooting.

    This was the reason that above all pushed me to specialise in reportage. In 2009 I became wedding photographer, a job that does not only enable me to express my creativity, but also furnishes incessant occasions for meeting new people and knowing faboulous places.

    I am a member of some of the prestigious international associations of wedding photography from which I have also obtained several recognitions: Ispwp. Anfm, Wpja, Fearless, Wedding Photography Select and Agwpja.

<b>WHO I AM</b>
  • WHO I AM

  • Which are my passions? Since my early days I have been keen on animals, all of them, but I so much adore dogs that I can hardly conceive of my life without having a dog at my side. I am always happy if during a wedding I meet one, and I never miss the occasion for showing my lovely attention to it.

    Then, I love cinema, without distinction of genre or country, in the original language (whenever possible). The study of foreign languages (English and Spanish) is another of my interests and takes a considerable amount of my time. I adore good food and am always open to experiencing new tastes, since this too makes the approaching of other civilisations easier.

    Traveling is in the absolute sense what most stimulates me. I deem it very important, an investement for memory so to speak. Each country I have visited and each person I have met have left a permanent trace in my soul, and all this has served to enrich my experience and sensitivity, both essential qualities for the good success of my job.

<strong>HOW I WORK</strong>

  • Under these premises it is easy to guess how much I favour spontaneity and naturalness in my job: no banal poses, no motionless shoots of groups, no expected shoots. No photographic service must be identical to a previous one.

    I simply follow the bride and bridegroom along their day as if I were invisible, even though I am in fact keenly present and vigilant. I am always careful not to lose any emotion on their faces, ready to catch the arising of a smile, a sign of tenderness - in a word all that can most significantly show the uniqueness of such a day. The key of my work is spontaneity and simplicity, always associated to elegance.

    Even though I am based in Rome, curiosity and taste for discoveries of new places make me ready for any kind of work in Italy or abroad, so please do not hesitate to contact me for information. Whatever location you may have chosen for your weddings I shall always be delighted to portrait it.

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