Wedding Album

It is only when printed that the pictures come alive and become ‘photographs’, and that’s why I consider the wedding album as the final outcome of my work. That which encloses the memories and will bring back the emotions of such an important day must necessarily be a unique object. Therefore, I deem it essential to choose only valuable materials, all made in Italy. From the prints to the binding, from the cover to the packaging, everything must be perfect. There are three options: Photobook, Traditional Album and Display Case with passe-partout.

Wedding Album-1


The photobook is indeed the most modern solution for collecting the photographs of the wedding. The photo is printed directly on the page of the photobook, which is available in various formats with a wide range of covers. I always take care personally of the paging which I prefer to be both elegant and essential. I never make use of trivial effects like fades or partial desaturations (?), whereas I do prefer sight being exclusively focused on the photo. Only in this way will the beholder be able to taste the narration of the event without distraction. The photographs have different sizes, either in colour or black-and-white, and the photobook is enshrined in a fashionable slipcase which will preserve it for a long time to come.

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The more traditional album keeps a vintage flavour; the photos are pasted on the page and may, on request, be separated by flimsy paper. The albums I propose are all handbound and with various covers. The photos are either in colour or black-and-white, printed on professional paper or the valuable paper called Fine Art. The Fine Art paper is a thick paper made of cotton fiber, enhancing the sharpness and tridimentionality of the photo due to deeper blacks and brighter whites. It is strongly advised for black and white prints.

Album TradizionaleWedding Album-16 Wedding Album-17 Wedding Album-18 Wedding Album-19 Wedding Album-20


The last proposal is the display case, which, apart from enclosing photos mounted on white passe-partouts, can become an interior design item proper due to its modern and elegant shape. Also for this solution one can choice between satin and Fine Art paper.

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