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Matrimonio_Vigna_San_Sebastiano-01JANNA & MICHAL | Czech Republic

“We are very impressed with the first selection of Daniele’s photos from our wedding. We feel very lucky that he accepted to document our special day and we are very pleased with the service. It is exactly what we were hoping for and we are very much looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos from that day. We chose Daniele among at least 20 photographers. From the start he was our top choice as we felt his work really stood out. There was a freshness and a sensitivity to his work that made it different from the other wedding photographer’s portfolios that we had seen. What struck us about his style, even in the photos he has delivered now, is that they all look natural and genuine. Some of the pictures look like they are arranged, but now that we have had the privilege of working first-hand with Daniele we can say in all earnestness that they are actually totally spontaneous! And this is something very special for us, because it means each picture has a story to tell, something only we know and will later be able to recall to our children and grandchildren.

Therefore what Daniele has delivered are not just wedding photos, they are something more… He has managed to capture many small but important moments of the day, often without that we even realised he was there! One concern for us when choosing a photographer was precisely that Michal and I are quite camera shy. We knew we would feel uncomfortable expressing tenderness and emotion in front of a stranger with a camera! Specially Michal, being unfamiliar with the whole Rome and church setting, would be very nervous having to “perform” in front of so many people in a place and context that is very foreign to him. It was Daniele’s “reportage” / journalistic approach that made him the best possible photographer for our wedding as whatever happened and whatever the mood, he would simply document it without any pressure or demands on us as “models”. He made this very clear from the start and this is another reason why we chose Daniele. We really liked his no-nonsense attitude combined with the fact that on our first meeting, he really took the time to listen to our backgrounds, our stories, and our needs and wishes.

To sum up, what sets Daniele apart is that he thinks about the context of the photography – not just context in terms of how colours, light, and framing relate to each other but the context between people – how the people in his pictures relate to each other and how they relate to the things around them, how they exist within their context and the space.”

Recensione Fotografo Daniele Torella

“Dear Daniele, we just got the album! It’s elegant and modern and the pictures inside are really amazing. Thank you so much!”

Santa Maria in DomnicaAUNDREA & MARCO | California

“Daniele was our photographer at our April 16, 2016 destination wedding (from my perspective) in Italy. Being a American living in the United States and having a wedding on the other side of the world, I was pretty nervous about which vendors to choose. Knowing that all of my family and friends wouldnòt be able to make the trip, my husband and I decided that we needed to make it a priority to choose a great photographer who could exceptionally capture our special day for those who woudn’t be able to be there.

My husband, being from Rome, asked around for photographer recommendations. Several of his friends gave him Daniele’s name. Daniele not only met our expectations, but he far exceeded them. Not only is he an extremely talented and professional photographer, but he was also very accomodating with all of our requests. We recieved so many compliments on the photos and, to be honest, each time I look through them, I am in awe by how he was able to document so much emotion. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and with Daniele, that phrase is so true. We couldn’t recommend him enough! Fantastic!”

Susan_Ryan-15SUSAN & RYAN | Hawaii

” Thank you soooo much Daniele!! You and your assistant were sooo awesome in helping us achieve these awesome photos!!! You guys were so much fun to work with! Thank you so much for your awesome customer service and for picking us up and dropping us off at the hotel! We appreciated every moment! We hope to see you two in Hawaii in the future!!! We absolutely loooooove your work and can’t wait to work with you again!!!!”

Fotografo-Daniele-TorellaCARRIE & JOE | Ireland

One of the big decisions, apart from choosing Rome as our wedding destination, was our choice of photographer. It was very important to my wife that she had wedding photos that she could look back on and treasure for life. Daniele exceeded all of our expectations and were amazing. His professionalism, enthusiasm, patience and ability to capture all of the important moments was unbelievable. Not only were we delighted with our choice, all of our guests also commented positively on Daniele. For anyone getting married in Rome, Daniele Torella comes with our highest recommendation!

Recensioni Daniele TorellaJENA & JACKSON | Singapore

“It was a great experience and honoured to engage your professional photography. The art of capturing light was the quintessence of photography as the images you produced in our picture was one of its kind. We can tell you loved your job and putting so much effort for a picturesque image in every shot you made. Even before we met you, we were in your blog and web browsing through every picture and noticing the details and deciphering the meaning of each image on our own was fascinating and the more we saw the more intriguing it gets. Money wasn’t the key for the motivation but it was the passion we knew we made a wise choice. The amount of informations we exchanged in our conversations made us felt that we weren’t just another customer, we felt much closer then that and even in the hot summer weather, we were all cheery with laughters bursting, wants more photos to be taken!

Grateful for the effort and thought to find us a wonderful restaurant for a sumptuous lunch that I will want to go back and regain the memory of happiness. When we were revealed the photos a week later, it was both excitement and fasination. We strictly dislike photoshopped images and we prefer the raw and natural images that was taken. Photography is an art, capturing the image at that moment and under the natural light or environment given, a magestic work of art was created. Not everyone can buy a DSLR and learn to be a good photographer even after years of shooting. Its a gift and Daniele has it in him and he made it even better with his creation and passion. Thank you Daniele!!”

01SUE & ALKET | India

“Daniele and team! Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures – they are truly amazing and we’ve had so many compliments on just how flawless and professional they look! Whilst these are only a selection for the blog we couldn’t be happier on the way you have captured the day. I also want to thank you and your team for the way in which the photography and videography was managed – we didn’t feel at all intruded and it was very fun working with you. You allowed us to enjoy our special day which was important to us! I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone!”

Recensione Fotografo Daniele TorellaMARTJE & JOCHEM | Holland

“We received the USB pen in good order. We were really amazed by all the beautiful pictures you took! The presentation you made for was also one big surprise, we really loved it! We have already send it to all our guests. Everyone loves it and for us its the perfect memory of a beautiful day in Petritoli. Thank you so much for capturing this day in such a beautiful manner. Wish you all the best!”

Recensioni-Daniele-Torella  SERIN & ERDEM | Turkey

If you are planning a wedding, you have definitely realized how much advice you can get in a day. For all kinds of details from all kind of people. It can be exhausting. Like all, we have received indefinite advice about the photographers. The day that we have met Daniele, we knew immediately he was “the one” that would make our most important day unforgettable. During the shoot, you feel at home even in the most unfamiliar surroundings. He makes you feel so comfortable that you don’t even realize that the camera is there. You know immediately you are in the hands of a professional. Believe me, you will be amazed the day that you receive the photos. No bad surprises, no lost memories. Look no further. This is the most valuable advice you will get and you will thank us for that.  I strongly believe, the wedding photographer is in the top 3 of the decisions for the most important day. The photographer generates the memories that the couple will be keeping and looking for the rest of their lives.

JESSICA & CARL | England

I just wanted to say a big thank you for giving us such a wonderful collection of photos! You have captured our wedding in exactly the way that we wanted. You did a fantastic job on the day and we are so pleased with the result! Thank you!” 

Recensioni Daniele Torella FotografoZUZIA & MARCIN | Poland

“Photos are great!!! Thank you very much!! Was a perfect timing as we have been on a long weekend with our parents, they loved those as well!!

Proposta-matrimonio-06SIONED & MARCO | England

“A life changing moment captured beautifully by Daniele. Thank you for you time, we now look forward to the big day!”

Recensioni Daniele Torella FotografoLOUISE & STEPHEN | Ireland

“Just to let you know that we have received the photos of our wedding day and they look fantastic, so thanks very much!

Recensione Daniele TorellaSARA & FABRIZIO | Italy

“Daniele…siamo senza fiato! Le foto sono incredibili, ci riconosciamo perfettamente in ogni singolo scatto, i nostri sguardi, le nostre emozioni, i nostri gesti e, perchè no… i nostri difetti! Ci stiamo commuovendo e divertendo allo stesso tempo. Che tu sia il numero uno già lo sapevamo, tu hai un dono naturale, una scintilla di comunicazione sia visiva che della parola, una sensibilità profonda. Insomma sei proprio un ragazzo speciale e noi siamo felici di averti conosciuto come persona, ancor prima che fortunati (e bravi!) ad averti scelto! Un abbraccio, Sara e Fabrizio”

Recensione Daniele TorellaMICHELA & DANIELE | Italy

“Sei semplicemente fantastico Daniele! Tanta passione unita ad un incontenibile talento. E’ un onore, per me, che le foto di questo giorno avranno la firma di un grande artista come te.”

Recensioni Daniele TorellaGLORIA & MAURIZIO | Italy

“Io e Maurizio volevamo dedicare qualche istante alla persona che,dopo i genitori e i testimoni, è stata tra le più importanti nel giorno del nostro matrimonio. Di quel fatidico giorno si possono conservare i bei ricordi,gli abiti e qualche bomboniera in una vetrina ma nulla a che fare con le fotografie che immortalano tutti quegli istanti in cui, presi dalla frenesia,molte volte vengono incamerati con qualche sfocatura nella nostra mente. Sei stato l’impersonificazione della professionalità,cortesia e delicatezza nel nostro giorno. Ci siamo sentiti davvero a nostro agio e proprio per questo pensiamo che siano venute così allegre e colorate…piene di noi!”

Recensioni Fotografo Daniele TorellaMICHELA & MANUEL | Italy

“Io e Manuel volevamo ringraziarti per tutto il lavoro, l’impegno e la passione che ci hai donato il giorno del nostro matrimonio. Elogiare il tuo talento sarebbe troppo banale, le tue fotografie sono un insieme di arte, mestiere, tecnica e passione. Il tuo talento più grande però, è saper cogliere l’essenza delle cose, delle persone, spogliarla e renderla unica, grazie a questa tua capacità di andare oltre; nelle tue foto ognuno può ritrovare un frammento di sè, rispecchiarsi nel capolavoro e sentirsi migliore.”

Recensioni Daniele Torella FotografoRACHELE & DEMETRIO | Italy

“Grazie Daniele!  Le guardo e le riguardo…ed ogni volta, dentro ad ogni singola foto rivivo l’emozione del momento e sopratutto leggo il significato che, da grande artista che sei, hai saputo dargli!  Ci siamo divertiti tanto! l’unica pecca è che è durato tutto troppo poco… Al nostro anniversario facciamo un party all night long e tu sarai di nuovo il nostro fotografo”

Recensioni Fotografo Daniele Torella MICHELA & ALESSANDRO | Italy

“Le foto del nostro matrimonio ancora le riguardo sognante, sono meravigliose e fin qui nulla di nuovo.
Queste foto, la mia gravidanza così incorniciata ….non riesco a descrivere le emozioni che sento per la mia bimba in grembo per quante sono e per quanto sono forti, ma sono certa che chiunque vedrà’ questo servizio potrà percepirle!!!
Sei stato super …più che mai…grazie !!! Foto più belle non avrei potuto desiderare e avere!!!!”

Recensioni Daniele TorellaALESSIA & ROBERTO | Italy

“Sei favoloso! In queste situazioni decidi chi sarà la persona che fotograferà il tuo giorno più bello in base a lavori fatti su altri … Beh… Noi siamo FIERI di averti dato fiducia, sapevamo che non ci avresti delusi ma anzi… Ci hai sorpreso… Un lavoro UNICO… Riguardando foto e sei stato capace di farci rivivere ogni singola emozione di quel giorno… Ed oltre a fare in modo eccellente il tuo lavoro sei anche una persona speciale.”

Recensione Fotografo TorellaMARA & MARCO | Italy

“Un breve messaggio per ringraziarti del fantastico lavoro che hai fatto per il nostro matrimonio. In un’occasione per noi così carica di emozioni non solo ti sei dimostrato un professionista di prim’ordine ma anche – dote ancor più rara – un ragazzo sensibile e partecipe della nostra goia. Grazie di cuore per aver “donato luce” al nostro giorno più bello!”

Opinioni Daniele Torella FotografoANNA BIANCA & ANDREA | Italy

“Confesso che quando dovevo scegliere il fotografo passavo le notti guardando gli album dei matrimoni di Daniele e mi emozionavano tanto da commuovermi….. ora che ci sono le mie sono rimasta senza parole e non riesco a smettere di guardarle e riguardarle…”