How to choose your wedding location

10 tips to choose the best location for your wedding

If you’re about to choose your wedding location, keep these tips below in mind. They might turn in handy to valuate with rationality in a moment when emotions take over. Details such as the distance from the place of the ceremony to the reception one, the plan B if it rains outside, the right lighting, the accessibility of the structure are not secondary details.Your wedding location has to be the perfect frame of an unforgettable day. Choose carefully and dream big, with us!

1 What’s the right distance between Ceremony and Reception?

consigli location matrimoni

A religious ceremony takes place in a Church; civil unions in city halls or in a specific place authorised by the municipality; a symbolic union can take place anywhere. Being your any of these cases, it’s important to consider carefully the distance between Ceremony and Reception locations: it is true that, in order to have a good meal and a nice day, we can even travel for a few hours, but this rule does not work on the Wedding Day.

A long drive can be tiring for everyone, plus some guests might be already coming from far away and further trips would be even more difficult. A few kilometers, which can be reached within 30 to 40 minutes by car, is the maximum distance between the place of the Ceremony and the location of the Reception!

2 How spacious should the reception structure be?

consigli matrimonio: quanto deve essere spaziosa la struttura del Ricevimento

Consider carefully the ideal spaces for your wedding reception. The number of guests is a key element, so before choosing the location for your wedding write down a list as accurate as possible of all the invitees. If the wedding ceremony is intimate, even a small and familiar location, like a restaurant or a so-called agriturismo, will be perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere.

Otherwise choose a structure that can accommodate all of you, with gardens and diversified areas. Some guests will be able to walk quietly on the grass, others can relax in a cozier  area while some can enjoy themselves in a wild dance: let everyone have the best day possible!

3 Villa or Castle: when Accessibility means comfort

consigli matrimonio: Villa o Castello

Are you dreaming of a ceremony in a castle, in an out of reach island or at the very top of a mountain? Anything is possible, especially during such a special day. But if we go down a little with our feet on the ground, we have to deal with reality. A castle is surely something outstanding, but is there an alternative to steep stairs? And how’s the old nana climbing at the top of the mountain? Choose the ideal location also based on its accessibility. Is there an easy road to get to the place? Are the toilets near or far from the buffet area? Let’s say it again: these are not just details.

4 From bus rental to animation: additional services for your guests.

consiglio matrimonio: bue e animazione

A bus at your guests’ disposal, the  chance to spend the night at the reception location, a kid area to let the young ones enjoy themselves with someone looking after them. What’s the price and how can you book them? Are there any deals with the chosen structure? Get as many tips as possible about all these kind of additional services to make your wedding day truly unique.

5 Set up and lighting for the right atmosphere

Consigli Matrimonio: luci e ambientazione

Most of the times, the newlyweds prefer spontaneous photos, in a reportage style: the photograph captures the most moving moments of the day without creating a real set. Spontaneity and authenticity are the keywords! But surely, for the result to be excellent it is necessary to take care of the surroundings, the colors and the lighting of the Location.

You must question yourselves: will all the area be lit up properly? Will each corner be decorated with taste? The furnishing of the place lends itself to themed installations and is in line with your expectations? Furthermore, will you arrange the decorations yourselves or will they be taken care of directly by the owners of the property? Picture it all in your mind and imagine the colour, the tone, the atmosphere that you want for your wedding. Because one day in the near future it will all be a reality!

6 Music, but with soundproof rooms.

Consigli matrimonio: Musica e orchestra

Your favorite music will be the soundtrack of the whole day: from the ceremony to the reception, different melodies will be the background to emotions in a continuous evolution.

Is the property going to give you a Dj or the band’s choice is on to you? Are the rooms soundproof and is there an area for guests to freely dance the night away without disturbing the others? Take everything into consideration!

7 Any weather can be perfect if you know how to deal with the excesses!

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Observe the wedding location from many points of view. Garden tables are a perfect solution if you love open spaces and the feeling of freedom, but they can be a double-edged sword on a rainy day. An open-air ceremony? Absolutely yes, but only if your guests are not asked to stay under a hot sun for hours, with melting makeup and with an urgent thirst!

So, always have a plan B ready! Does the structure give you the possibility of organizing the reception inside? Are there areas of shelter, in case of rain or excessive sun? Sun or rain… who cares! Simply enjoy your perfect day, despite any weather condition!

8 (More than) a menu for everyone.

consigli matrimonio:La scelta del Menù

Keep it in mind: you are planning every single detail, from walking down the aisle to the music for the closing dances… But your invitees, above all, will remind the food. When people talk about a wedding, the second question is always: “Was the food good?” (luckily, the first one is about the bride’s dressing gown).

The menu has to be a total priority! Ask the structure if you can choose the menu during a proper dinner test, if you can compare – on that occasion – with some friends and if the menu trial is free. Furthermore, is there a specific menu for vegetarians? Is there a chance to have a kid menu? And how many days before will you have to submit specific requests, in case of celiacs or pregnant women?

9 A place all for yourselves or not?


Have a look around: if the villa or the hotel is what you were looking for, then it is probably the right one. But take into consideration another detail. A key element is the exclusivity: will all the location be yours for the whole day or will you have to share the spaces with others as well?

Have a chat with the managers and carry out your requests. Sharing is caring, but an intimate and pleasant atmosphere requires the utmost care!

10 The wedding location’s conditions: hours, deposit, extras.


Not to run into unpleasant surprises, it is important to be super clear from the very beginning.  So before proceeding, prepare a list of further requests. For example: is a deposit expected?
Has the bill to be paid on the same day or in the following days? Will you be able to dance the night away until sunrise or will the lights turn out after a while? By when do you have to indicate the right number of guests? What about the open bar? And, in general, what are the extras?

It’s done! If you have everything clear

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