Marriage proposal shooting


When everything starts: the emotion of your ‘yes’ in the photographic service of the marriage proposal.

There are very significant moments which run too quickly, like the moment of saying ‘yes’ destined to deeply mark the life of both of you. The moment in which you make your marriage proposal and read in the other’s eyes the response lasts just a fraction of time. And yet it is precisely in that moment that your love story reaches its fulfilment: how long was the journey that led you here today! And how beautiful will it be from now onwards! A photographic service focusing on your marriage proposal is a lasting image which reveals your emotion and keeps it alive over time. With the naturalness and simplicity that characterise my work I catch the expressions of the face and the spontaneity of the gestures showing all the joy of your choice.

Feel free to contact me. I am settled in Rome, but I can very easily move, even to distant places.